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The Lamarr Institute stands for ‘Triangular AI’ – a new, high-performance generation of Artificial Intelligence that is not only trained on data, but also uses additional knowledge and contextual information. In doing so, we direct our research focus on Machine Learning in a way that software and hardware operate in a sustainable and resource-efficient manner.

Internationally renowned researchers work with the best young talents in AI to investigate how algorithms, models and applications need to be designed in order to deliver more powerful yet reliable results. Certification measures ensure that AI systems are used responsibly and assist people appropriately in a wide range of applications.

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Transfer to Companies

Companies benefit from the direct transfer of Lamarr research results into application – from innovative ML technologies to establishing safeguarding processes for AI systems to co-working with Lamarr researchers. Education and training is an important pillar of Lamarr’s work and includes educational offerings for school children, students, young scientists as well as employees.

From Innovation to Application.
For the Future of European AI.

Social Responsibility

Ethical standards, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion are the guiding principles of our research. Naming the institute after inventor Hedy Lamarr underlines our commitment to advancing women, especially in computer science and other scientific and technical fields.

Our Principles:
Ethics and Inclusivity. 

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