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Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and everything to do with data and digitization is experiencing a boom right now. Research is making great leaps – what seemed impossible a few years ago is already a reality today. Our blog on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, or ML Blog for short, gives you first-hand insights and orientation: Here, the researchers themselves have their say! The posts of the ML-Blog are written by researchers from the Lamarr Institute and its partner organizations, guest authors and users from practice.

We have taken up especially current topics in our series. Learn what experts have to say about the impact of AI on different areas of our lives, get an insight into the capabilities of ChatGPT or read about the innovation potential of AI in robotics. We trust you will enjoy discovering these and many other topics!

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For beginners: We explain terms and basic concepts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


For professionals: Our authors report research trends and their current scientific work on Machine Learning.


For practitioners: The focus here is knowledge transfer. We build the bridge to practical applications in business and society.

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