From Science to Business Application

Many of the impressive breakthroughs in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the result of close interaction between research and application. Therefore, fundamental and application-oriented research, as well as constant exchange and cooperation with companies, are among the cornerstones of the Lamarr mission. We are convinced that an intensive, mutual exchange between science, industry and society is the driving force for excellent research and lasting innovation.

Impulses for Innovation in Companies: Technology Transfer, Continuing Education and Cooperation

The Lamarr Institute is an innovation partner for economic and social actors of different sizes and approaches. We offer a wide range of collaboration opportunities tailored to your individual needs: from exchanging ideas with senior Lamarr researchers to joint research and development projects to long-term collaborations with one of the Lamarr Institute’s partner organizations.

Whether you are just learning about AI or want to optimize already successful deployment scenarios, we ensure that excellent research leads to smart and innovative solutions. Take advantage of our successful, field-proven transfer formats, which we offer together with our partner organizations and with the competence platform KI.NRW!

Overview of our Offers

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Dr. Christian Temath

Area Chair Transfer to the profile

AI.Kick-off: First Insights into Artificial Intelligence

At the AI.Kick-off, a roughly 90-minute introductory lecture, you will get an overview of what is behind terms such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We explain the opportunities and challenges associated with the technology and underpin the talk with practical examples that fit your particular field of application. The AI.Kick-off is particularly suitable as an information offer and for qualification – whether for employees of companies and municipalities or members of clubs, associations and social interest groups. The presentation can be held in presence or online format.

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AI Design Sprint™: Interactive AI Workshops

AI Design Sprints™ are modular AI workshops in which employees of your company develop AI solutions individually in small groups together with our experts. The workshops are particularly suitable for newcomers who have little or no experience with Artificial Intelligence and its fields of application. We conduct AI Design Sprints™ with individual companies or with clusters of companies and industries that have similar requirements and goals. Our AI experts are glad to offer the workshops on-site at your company or as an online version.

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AI.Shadowing: In-house Consulting for the Identification of Use Cases

You would like to explore possible applications of Artificial Intelligence, have initial ideas or even already implemented pilot projects with AI? During the one-day AI.Shadowing we come to your company, observe processes and workflows and identify possible uses of AI. We prepare these application scenarios in the form of use cases, which we prioritize together with you and for which we outline the first steps for implementation. For the successful implementation of AI.Shadowing, the participation of management and employees in key positions in the departments concerned is important. The offer is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized companies from North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Multi-level Courses on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Lamarr Institute and its partner organizations offer one of the largest AI and data science education programs in Germany. To date, nearly 4,000 participants have attended such an educational program, which is designed for different levels of knowledge and experience. An entry point for people of all qualification and responsibility levels is offered by our Excitement seminars. For more in-depth training, compact training courses on AI and data science are offered, some with a focus on specific business application areas. In addition, there is the possibility to conduct company-specific in-house trainings. In any case, participants benefit from continuously updated course content that reflects the state-of-the-art in ML and AI.

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Agile Collaboration in the Enterprise Innovation Campus

When it comes to agile collaboration and the practical implementation of innovation projects, our Enterprise Innovation Campus has proven its worth. Here, teams from your company work together with researchers from the Lamarr Institute on new solutions over a longer period of time. In the process, your company’s employees gain access to the latest technologies and up-to-date knowledge.

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Impulses for Start-ups

The Lamarr Institute aims to encourage and guide researchers to start businesses, shaping innovative products and services from the latest AI technologies. For this, we can rely on many years of experience and a strong network of partners of the Lamarr Institute who offer consulting, scientific services and technical solutions: TU Dortmund University with its Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer, the University of Bonn with its transfer center enaCom, and Fraunhofer with its subsidiary Fraunhofer Venture.

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From Trustworthy AI to Certification

How can AI solutions be used safely and reliably in companies? And how can the trustworthiness of an AI application be measured? To answer these questions, researchers at the Lamarr Institute are investigating the individual building blocks of AI applications: Testing and certification procedures evaluate, for example, the reliability of algorithms, the consumption of resources, or the comprehensibility of methods and results for humans.

At the European level, Lamarr Institute researchers have cooperated with the EU high-level expert group on Artificial Intelligence, thus actively contributing to the formulation of goals for trustworthy AI. In addition, Lamarr Institute experts are currently part of the steering committee of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). We also advise and support our partners from business and industry when it comes to testing and certifying AI systems.

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