Shape the Future of European AI with us!

We are looking for talent at all levels – from students, graduate students and postdocs to professors. Join our team and work at the leading edge of international research on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!

Develop powerful, trustworthy and sustainable AI solutions with our team of international scientists. With us, you will find excellent basic research as well as interdisciplinary and application-oriented research topics that address urgent societal and economic issues of our time – be it in medicine, environmental and climate protection, or industrial production.

Diversity and equal opportunity are important guiding principles in all activities of the Lamarr Institute. We are aware of our social responsibility: interdisciplinary teams with researchers from computer science, physics, mathematics, philosophy, as well as law and social sciences work together on many research questions.

image 1 - Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Current job openings

You did not find a suitable job posting at the moment?

You can work for any of the four partner organizations of the Lamarr Institute. Please also have a look at the job portals of our partners:

TU Dortmund University

Fraunhofer Institute IAIS in Sankt Augustin

of Bonn

Fraunhofer Institute IML in Dortmund

Promoting young talent – for a career in science or business

Regardless of whether you are pursuing a career in science or business, we create the best conditions for your further development – personally, professionally and as part of a team. In addition to imparting specialist knowledge, we offer further training measures so that you can fully leverage your potential. The offer includes educational content on scientific work and publishing as well as on project management, professional organization and communication.

At the Lamarr Institute, you can develop your professional expertise and network with top international researchers. We support you in presenting your research and expertise at public events and scientific conferences, or in establishing working groups and hackathon teams tailored to your interests. In this way, we create an environment that allows you to advance quickly and encourages you to take on responsibility at an early stage.

Diversity, equal opportunity, and flexibility

At the Lamarr Institute, we encourage open-minded collaboration and are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. When team members bring different perspectives, experiences, and skills, the quality of scientific work also benefits. Naming the institute after inventor Hedy Lamarr underscores our commitment to the advancement of women, particularly in computer science and other scientific and technical fields.

We actively promote the balancing of work, family, and personal life. The Lamarr Institute’s partner organizations offer various options for childcare and family support services, mobile working options, flexible working hours, as well as sports and health programs.

image 2 - Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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