A Primer on Probabilistic Reasoning with Quantum Circuits

This note begins a mini series on quantum circuits for probabilistic reasoning and Bayesian inference. Our overall goal is to explore an often overlooked application of quantum computing for AI. Here, however, we merely prepare ourselves for things to come and recall basic concepts in probabilistic reasoning. Among others, we cover sum-and product rules of probability, Bayes’ theorem, marginalization, (conditional) independence, and the notions of (discrete) random variables and probability mass functions.

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    Lamarr Qantum Computing Nuggets
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    Bauckhage, Christian
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Bauckhage, Christian: A Primer on Probabilistic Reasoning with Quantum Circuits, Lamarr Qantum Computing Nuggets, 2023, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/372364987_A_Primer_on_Probabilistic_Reasoning_with_Quantum_Circuits, Bauckhage.2023c,

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