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Felix Finkeldey

Scientific Coordinator Industry & Production

Felix Finkeldey is Scientific Coordinator in the research area Industry & Production. He studied computer science and received his doctorate also in computer science at TU Dortmund University in 2023. His research is concerned with the data-based investigation of challenges in manufacturing technology. In addition to the modeling and optimization of production processes, his research interests focus in particular on the combination of Machine Learning methods with information from different heterogeneous data sources, such as simulations and sensor technologies, as part of hybrid learning. In this context, he studies e.g. semantic segmentation, time series regression and generative modeling.

Current research topics:

  • Attention-based semantic segmentation approaches
  • Diffusion-based data augmentation strategies to minimize the experimental effort for data acquisition
  • Identification of beneficial sensor configurations for modeling thermal deformations of machine tool components based on feature engineering
  • Improvement of model performance by identifying elementary process clusters while combining simulations and sensor data

Special interests:

Combining knowledge from different data sources in an informed manner to reduce manual efforts for data acquisition and labeling.