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Inga Daase

Science Communication Public Relations

Inga Daase is a science communication consultant at the Lamarr Institute.

Her work focuses on communication about research activities and scientific results. She is responsible for editing the websites and supports the planning and implementation of communication and PR activities of the Lamarr Institute. Inga Daase is a member of the editorial team of the blog on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. She helped establish the PR work of the Competence Center ML2R, the predecessor organization of the Lamarr Institute, and has been a member of the Press and Public Relations team at Fraunhofer IAIS since 2018.

After studying and graduating with a degree in physics from the University of Bonn, Inga Daase worked in communications and marketing at companies and public institutions, such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. During her career, she has coordinated cultural exchange, research and technology projects for international corporations and organizations in Germany and Japan. She has experience in communicating scientific content and marketing research results, technologies and patents.