Computer Science & Physics Meet-Up by Lamarr & B3D

From November 29 to December 1, 2023, computer scientists and physicists from the Lamarr Institute and the NRW Cluster for Data-Intensive Radio Astronomy: Big Bang to Big Data (B3D) will come together to identify the potential for joint research collaborations. The event aims to bring together the fields of computer science (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) and physics (astrophysics, particle and astroparticle physics, radio astronomy) over three days with talks, poster presentations and discussions. The agenda includes overview lectures on the two institutes and their research as well as pitch talks and a lecture by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Reinhard Genzel on galaxies and black holes in the Audimax of TU Dortmund University (the lecture is part of the TU series Initialzündung). The “CS & Physics Meet-Up” will take place in the Lamarr Building at TU Dortmund University, but there will also be a livestream for interested listeners.

About Astrophysics at Lamarr Institute

With the interdisciplinary research field of Astrophysics led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Rhode, the Lamarr Institute is pioneering the partnership between AI and Astroparticle Physics and driving innovative research in this area. This merging of disciplines marks a significant chapter in the exploration of our cosmos.



29. November - 1. December 2023


Lamarr Institute, TU Dortmund University


Education, Science

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