Robotics keynote at NVIDIA GTC 2024

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is one of the global AI conferences, bringing together developers, engineers, researchers, inventors, and IT experts. This year’s conference kicks off on March 18th, 2024, and will be opened with a keynote by CEO Jensen Huang. GTC focuses on innovations and technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, computer graphics, data science, machine learning, and autonomous machines. In addition to numerous keynotes, training sessions and exhibitions, workshops on various topics, including robotics, will be offered. Julian Eßer, a research assistant in the AI & Autonomous Systems department at Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund and an expert on the interface of robotics, simulation & reinforcement learning will be giving a talk at the event on “Next-Generation Robotics: Training Agile Loco-Manipulation and Human-Machine Interaction”. The keynote will include a live demonstration of the evoBOT project, a bio-inspired robot combining agile locomotion and dexterous object manipulation developed by Fraunhofer IML.




18. - 21. March 2024


San Jose, California

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