Robustness in Fatigue Strength Estimation

Author: D. Weichert, A. Kister, S. Houben, G. Ernis, S. Wrobel
Year: 2023

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D. Weichert, A. Kister, S. Houben, G. Ernis, S. Wrobel:
Robustness in Fatigue Strength Estimation.
AI to Accelerate Science and Engineering Workshop at AAAI (AI2ASE at AAAI),

Fatigue strength estimation is a costly manual material characterization process in which state-of-the-art approaches follow a standardized experiment and analysis procedure. In this paper, we examine a modular, Machine Learning-based approach for fatigue strength estimation that is likely to reduce the number of experiments and, thus, the overall experimental costs. Despite its high potential, deployment of a new approach in a real-life lab requires more than the theoretical definition and simulation. Therefore, we study the robustness of the approach against misspecification of the prior and discretization of the specified loads. We identify its applicability and its advantageous behavior over the state-of-the-art methods, potentially reducing the number of costly experiments.