Attention-Based Vandalism Detection in OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap (OSM), a collaborative, crowdsourced Web map, is a unique source of openly available worldwide map data, increasingly adopted in Web applications. Vandalism detection is a critical task to support trust and maintain OSM transparency. This task is remarkably challenging due to the large scale of the dataset, the sheer number of contributors, various vandalism forms, and the lack of annotated data. This paper presents Ovid – a novel attention-based method for vandalism detection in OSM. Ovid relies on a novel neural architecture that adopts a multi-head attention mechanism to summarize information indicating vandalism from OSM changesets effectively. To facilitate automated vandalism detection, we introduce a set of original features that capture changeset, user, and edit information. Furthermore, we extract a dataset of real-world vandalism incidents from the OSM edit history for the first time and provide this dataset as open data. Our evaluation conducted on real-world vandalism data demonstrates the effectiveness of Ovid.

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    ACM Web Conference
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    Tempelmeier, Nicolas; Demidova, Elena
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Tempelmeier, Nicolas; Demidova, Elena: Attention-Based Vandalism Detection in OpenStreetMap, ACM Web Conference, 2022,, Tempelmeier.Demidova.2022a,

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