Photo. Portrait of Anike Murrenhoff.

Anike Murrenhoff

Scientific Coordinator Planning & Logistics

Further information

Anike Murrenhoff has been contributing to the advancement of AI in intralogistics design and operations at Fraunhofer IML since 2017. She began her journey with Fraunhofer IML as a Student Assistant in Intralogistics and IT Planning in 2015-2016. Anike holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (2014-2015) and a Master of Science in Logistics from TU Dortmund (2013-2016). Her academic foundation was laid with a Bachelor of Science in Logistics from TU Dortmund (2009-2013).

Current research topics:

  • Automated generation of diverse learning and test environments for autonomous systems in intralogistics
  • Simulation-based AI for autonomous intralogistics process design and control

Special interests:

  • The rapid advancements in generative AI and how foundation models can help enable autonomous processes in intralogistics