Prof. Dr.

Katharina Morik is a professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Computer Science and co-opted at the Faculty of Statistics at TU Dortmund University. As a pioneer of Machine Learning, she organized together with Yves Kodratoff the first European summer school on Machine Learning in 1988. Several summer schools and intensive courses for industry followed. In the European Networks of Excellence MLnet, ILPnet, Machine Learning, and Related Fields, and the EU Coordinated Action KDubiq, she chaired the Training Committee. She coordinated the EU project Mining Mart, investigating the overall pipeline of Machine Learning. She was on the founding committee of the IEEE ICDM, its program chair, and the program chair of ECML (PKDD), and is also a member of the ECML PKDD Council. Several times she chaired program committees of A and A* conferences, is a vice or area chairperson and was involved in editorial boards of leading international journals. Starting from inductive logic programming, she worked on support vector machines (SVM) and on probabilistic graphical network models. Data analysis for sustainability has always been a focus of her research leading to Resource-Aware Machine Learning. She has been a member of the Academy of Science and Engineering since 2015 and of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2016. She is a Fellow of Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. Since 2011, she leads the pioneering CRC 876, providing information by resource-constrained data analysis and is head of three of its subprojects.