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Jens Buß

Scientific Coordinator Physics

Jens Buß is the scientific coordinator for the interdisciplinary research area physics at the Lamarr Institute in Dortmund. In this role, he organizes the networking and collaboration of the physicists involved with the other research areas and locations of the Lamarr Institute and manages the development of collaborations with external partners and initiatives within and outside of physics.

Jens Buß obtained his PhD as part of an international collaboration that developed the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope (FACT) on the improved performance of cosmic gamma-ray detection under extreme observation conditions (moonlight) by using semiconductor detectors and Machine Learning methods.

He also contributes his experience in research coordination from his previous position as Managing Director of the Collaborative Research Center 876 “Availability of Information through Analysis under Resource Constraints” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). As a pioneer in the research field of resource-aware Machine Learning, CRC 876 linked Artificial Intelligence with the available computing and communication resources in interdisciplinary application scenarios, e.g. in astroparticle physics.

Current research topics:

  • Fostering collaborations between physics researchers, the Lamarr Institute’s other research areas and external partners in- and outside of physics
  • Identify interesting use cases for Machine Learning in physics that allow AI experts to test and validate their methods on unique annotated real-world data and incorporate domain knowledge
  • Development of conceptual foundations for beneficial interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of physics and Machine Learning

Special interests:

  • Identifying problems and developing solutions where Artificial Intelligence can advance the process of knowledge discovery in physics
  • Bringing the right people together: Not everyone has to invent their own wheel!