Solving Abstract Reasoning Tasks with Grammatical Evolution

Author: R. Fischer, M. Jakobs, S. Mücke, K. Morik
Journal: Proceedings of the LWDA 2020
Year: 2020

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R. Fischer, M. Jakobs, S. Mücke, K. Morik,
Proceedings of the LWDA 2020,

The Abstraction and Reasoning Corpus (ARC) comprising image-based logical reasoning tasks is intended to serve as a benchmark for measuring intelligence.

Solving these tasks is very difficult for off-the-shelf ML methods due to heterogeneous semantics and low amount of training data.

We here present our approach, which solves tasks via grammatical evolution on a domain-specific language for image transformations.

With this approach, we successfully participated in an online challenge, scoring among the top 4% out of 900 participants.