Scalable Knowledge Graph Processing Using SANSA

Author: H. Jabeen, D. Graux, G. Sejdiu
Journal: Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing
Year: 2020

Citation information

H. Jabeen, D. Graux, G. Sejdiu,
Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing,
Springer, Cham,

The size and number of knowledge graphs have increased tremendously in recent years. In the meantime, the distributed data processing technologies have also advanced to deal with big data and large scale knowledge graphs. This chapter introduces Scalable Semantic Analytics Stack (SANSA), that addresses the challenge of dealing with large scale RDF data and provides a unified framework for applications like link prediction, knowledge base completion, querying, and reasoning. We discuss the motivation, background and the architecture of SANSA. SANSA is built using general-purpose processing engines Apache Spark and Apache Flink. After reading this chapter, the reader should have an understanding of the different layers and corresponding APIs available to handle Knowledge Graphs at scale using SANSA.