Open-Loop Dynamic Modeling of Low-Budget Batteries with Low-Power Loads

Understanding dynamic behavior of a battery and the possibility of simulating it is necessary during design of IoT systems. This plays a critical role, especially for industrial devices with low-power demands planned for long lasting operation. While cost limitation mostly leads to use of the low-budget batteries with fast degradation, a model of these batteries supplying low-power loads is provided here. The overall model is in open-loop form because no access to the terminal measurements is available during the design phase. The identification process of the relation between the state of charge and related electromotive force as a key element of the model is discussed. Moreover, guidelines are suggested for identification of this relation. Furthermore, SoC estimation based on the Coulomb counting is modified to include a dynamic inter-cycle aging factor. This factor enables replication of the degradation within a single cycle. In spite of simplicity of this concept, it is able to reduce the model’s estimation error evaluated with two different types of loads. The overall model provides promising results with relative errors less than 0.2%.

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    M. Masoudinejad
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M. Masoudinejad: Open-Loop Dynamic Modeling of Low-Budget Batteries with Low-Power Loads, Batteries, 2020, 6, 4, 50,, Masoudinejad.2020,