Dynamic Review-based Recommenders

Author: K. Cvejoski, R. Sánchez, C. Bauckhage, C. Ojeda
Journal: Data Science - Analytics and Applications
Year: 2022

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K. Cvejoski, R. Sánchez, C. Bauckhage, C. Ojeda:
Dynamic Review-based Recommenders.
Data Science - Analytics and Applications,
Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden,

Just as user preferences change with time, item reviews also reflect those same preference changes. In a nutshell, if one is to sequentially incorporate review content knowledge into recommender systems, one is naturally led to dynamical models of text. In the present work we leverage the known power of reviews to enhance rating predictions in a way that (i) respects the causality of review generation and (ii) includes, in a bidirectional fashion, the ability of ratings to inform language review models and vice-versa, language representations that help predict ratings end-to-end. Moreover, our representations are time-interval aware and thus yield a continuous-time representation of the dynamics. We provide experiments on real-world datasets and show that our methodology is able to outperform several state-of-the-art models.