Data-Sets for Indoor Photovoltaic Behavior in Low Lighting Conditions

Analysis of voltage–current behavior of photovoltaic modules is a critical part of their modeling. Parameter identification of these models demands data from them, measured in realistic environments. In spite of advancement in modeling methodologies under solar lighting, few analyses have been focused on indoor photovoltaics. Lack of accurate and reproducible data as a major challenge in this field is addressed here. A high accuracy measurement setup for evaluation and analysis of indoor photovoltaic modules is explained. By use of this system, different modules are measured under diverse environmental conditions. These measurements are structured in data-sets that can be used for either analysis of physical environment effects and modeling or development of specific parameter identification methods in low light intensity conditions.

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    M. Masoudinejad
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M. Masoudinejad: Data-Sets for Indoor Photovoltaic Behavior in Low Lighting Conditions, Data, 2019, 52, 2, 32,, Masoudinejad.2019,