Big Data Outlook, Tools, and Architectures

Big data is a persistent phenomena, the data is being generated and processed in a myriad of digitised scenarios. This chapter covers the history of ‘big data’ and aims to provide an overview of the existing terms and enablers related to big data. Furthermore, the chapter covers prominent technologies, tools, and architectures developed to handle this large data at scale. At the end, the chapter reviews knowledge graphs that address the challenges (e.g. heterogeneity, interoperability, variety) of big data through their specialised representation. After reading this chapter, the reader can develop an understanding of the broad spectrum of big data ranging from important terms, challenges, handling technologies, and their connection with large scale knowledge graphs.

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    Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing
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    H. Jabeen
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H. Jabeen: Big Data Outlook, Tools, and Architectures, Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing, 2020, 35–55,, Jabeen.2020,