A Dataset for Dynamic Bin Picking Scene Understanding

We present SynPick, a synthetic dataset for dynamic scene understanding in bin-picking scenarios. In contrast to existing datasets, our dataset is both situated in a realistic industrial application domain — inspired by the well-known Amazon Robotics Challenge (ARC) — and features dynamic scenes with authentic picking actions as chosen by our picking heuristic developed for the ARC 2017. The dataset is compatible with the popular BOP dataset format. We describe the dataset generation process in detail, including object arrangement generation and manipulation simulation using the NVIDIA PhysX physics engine. To cover a large action space, we perform untargeted and targeted picking actions, as well as random moving actions. To establish a baseline for object perception, a state-of-the-art pose estimation approach is evaluated on the dataset. We demonstrate the usefulness of tracking poses during manipulation instead of single-shot estimation even with a naive filtering approach. The generator source code and dataset are publicly available.

  • Published in:
    DAGM GCPR 2021: Pattern Recognition German Conference on Pattern Recognition (DAGM-GCPR)
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  • Authors:
    A. S. Periyasamy, M. Schwarz, S. Behnke
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A. S. Periyasamy, M. Schwarz, S. Behnke: A Dataset for Dynamic Bin Picking Scene Understanding, German Conference on Pattern Recognition (DAGM-GCPR), DAGM GCPR 2021: Pattern Recognition, 2021, http://ais.uni-bonn.de/datasets/synpick, Periyasamy.etal.2021,