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Charlie F. Welch

Scientific Coordinator NLP

Charlie F. Welch is currently a Junior Research Group Leader at the University of Bonn. He is collaborating with the CAISA Lab led by Prof. Lucie Flek. He received his PhD at the University of Michigan, advised by Prof. Rada Mihalcea, where he worked with the LIT Lab.

His research focuses on the frontiers of customizable language generation and models of perception. He is interested in how attributes of text, such as toxicity and empathy, interact and can be used for mutual improvement. He will be investigating how these techniques can be used to study stylistic attributes as well as populations. By better modeling both people and properties of language, he hopes to both make language technology more useful and to better understand how diverse groups of people view the world. With a heightened understanding of who we are solving problems for, we can more sustainably train models, reducing environmental costs and supporting a more inclusive research community.

Current research topics:
Annotator Modeling, Perspectivism, Generation, Empathy, Stories, Knowledge Graphs

Special interests:
Creating NLP models that help us better understand human behavior and that better model individuals.