Prof. Dr. Hilde Kuehne
Prof. Dr. Hilde Kuehne

Prof. Dr.
Hilde Kuehne

Principal Investigator Embodied AI

Prof. Dr. Hilde Kuehne is Professor at the University of Bonn and affiliated professor at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Her research focusses on learning without labels and multimodal video understanding. She has created several highly cited datasets and mainly works on analyzing large collections of untrimmed video data. Her experience includes projects with various European and US universities with the focus on video an image processing. She has published various high-impact works in the field, including the HMDB which was awarded with the ICCV 2021 Helmholtz Prize and the PAMI Mark Everingham Prize. She has organized various workshops in the field and served as area chair for CVPR, ICCV and WACV. Beyond her work, she is committed to bring more diversity to STEM and a board member of the Women in Computer Vision Initiative.