From Science to Industrial Impact

Many of the breakthroughs in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years have been brought about by a true interplay between research and application. A permanent flow of information from research to industry and society is a key factor for this success.

While ML and AI research is unthinkable without data from applications, we go far beyond the pure use of application data or simple transfer of algorithms and software into application fields. We believe that the interaction of fundamental and applied research with practical use, not only in terms of information and technology but also in terms of people, is a prerequisite for excellent research and the basis for true innovation in AI.

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Successful Collaboration Formats

The Lamarr Institute is a partner for companies of all sizes and diverse levels of AI experience. Driving a permanent and intense flow of AI know-how to industry, we make sure that excellent research leads to intelligent, innovative, and ultimately valuable solutions. Through our partner organizations, we already have successful transfer paths and collaboration formats with business and industry in place. Companies can begin their AI journey with Lamarr through a dedicated transfer manager, who will make sure that a tailored collaboration offer fits the companies’ individual requirements.

Modes of collaboration range from exchange of ideas with senior Lamarr researchers, joint Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses on scientifically interesting problems from industry, project cooperation up to long-term partnering with one of the Lamarr partner institutes through a Lamarr Enterprise Innovation Campus. In this collaboration scheme, companies and Lamarr partners work together in mixed teams over several months or years to implement innovation projects based on the Lamarr research.

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A Boost for Start-ups

The Lamarr Institute aims at inspiring, encouraging, and guiding entrepreneurs to bring new AI technologies into innovative products and services. For this, we can rely on a strong network of partners, offering scientific services and technology solutions. The network is based on extensive experiences of all Lamarr partners: TU Dortmund University with its Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer, University of Bonn with its Transfer Center enaCom, and Fraunhofer with its subsidiary Fraunhofer Venture.

From Trustworthy AI to Certification

Based on our research on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, scientists at the Lamarr Institute are examining the building blocks of AI applications. Our testing and certification procedures evaluate the reliability of algorithms, the resource consumption, or the potential of explaining the properties to humans. We support our partners from business and industry when it comes to examining and certifying AI systems.

To further develop this field, we have actively engaged in formulating the goals for Trustworthy AI at the European scale by supporting the EU’s high-level expert group on Artificial Intelligence and are now part of the steering board of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

Multilevel Courses in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Lamarr Institute’s partner institutions offer one of Germany’s largest AI and data science education programs for participants at diverse levels of AI knowledge and experience. Such a training program has already seen almost 4,000 participants in various courses. As a core element, so-called Excitement Seminars offer an easy entry into AI to people of all qualification and responsibility levels.

For engineers and programmers, compact data science and Artificial Intelligence courses ranging from 3 to 5 days are offered. Further parts of the curriculum comprise more in-depth courses on individual Machine Learning and AI topics, as well as courses at the intersection of Machine Learning in specific industry application fields. In addition, there is the option of company-specific in-house trainings. Participants thus profit from continuously updated course content that reflects the latest state of the art in Machine Learning.

Similarly, our strategic measures and offers with respect to education not only focus on outputting the highest number of best qualified graduates for science and companies, but also to educate people outside of research all the way down to high schools to enable the next generation of bright minds to enter AI.

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